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Which should I use? nexus-plugin-prisma vs nexus-prisma vs Vanilla Nexus

Vanilla Nexus

npm (opens in a new tab) | github (opens in a new tab)

If stability is the most important thing for you then Prisma+Nexus vanilla is probably good for you.

  • pro: flexible
  • pro: stable
  • con: If you have a lot of boilerplate CRUD then might feel painful


npm (opens in a new tab) | github (opens in a new tab)

If automatic CRUD is the most important thing for you then maybe stick with the old nexus-prisma.

  • pro: rich automated CRUD featureset
  • con: not flexible
  • con: not being actively maintained
  • con: not kept up to date with Prisma
  • con: buggy


npm (opens in a new tab) | github (opens in a new tab)

If you would benefit from model projection features and are ok with using early access software then consider nexus-prisma.

  • pro: flexible
  • pro: maintained
  • con: early access, things may change, bugs may be present, features may be incomplete.

Working with Bundlers

Disable Peer Dependency Check

When working with bundlers, it probably makes sense to disable the runtime peer dependency check system since the bundle step is merging the dependency tree into a single file and may be moved to run standalone away from the original project manifest (e.g. in a docker container).

Instructions to do this can be found here.

General Support

nexus-prisma has tests showing that it supports ncc. Other bundlers are not tested and may or may not work. It is our goal however that nexus-prisma not be the reason for any popular bundler to not work on your project. So if you encounter a problem with one (e.g. parcel), open an issue here and we'll fix the issue including an addition to our test suite.

For users of nexus-prisma@=<0.20

Versions of nexus-prisma package prior to 0.20 were a completely different version of the API, and had also become deprecated at one point to migrate to nexus-plugin-prisma when Nexus Framework was being worked on. All of that is history.

For users of nexus@=<1.0

The release of Nexus 1.1 (opens in a new tab) introduced an overload to t.field allowing improved usage of Nexus Prisma. The difference is as follows. Note if you prefer the older way that is and always will be supported too.

import { User } from 'nexus-prisma'
import { makeSchema, objectType } from 'nexus'
export const schema = makeSchema({
  types: [
      name: User.$name
      description: User.$description
      definition(t) {
+        t.field( //                 <-- for nexus@>=1.1 users
-        t.field(, //   <-- For nexus@=<1.0 users

Supported Versions Of Node

We only officially support what we test.

We test Node versions that are Active LTS and Current. For which versions of Node that equals you can refer to our tests or look here: (opens in a new tab).

Supported Versions Of @prisma/client

We only officially support what we test.

We are testing Prisma Client bottom version and the recent version but locked to the version, which has passed tests. If there is a newer release of prisma dependencies than the locked version, but it failed, we are still upgrading other dependencies and testing given changes against the locked version.

Supported Versions Of ts-node

We only officially support what we test.

We test ts-node versions 10.x.

Reminder: ts-node is an optional peer dep required when you are working with the gentime settings (opens in a new tab).

Matrix Testing Policy

We test the latest versions of @prisma/client against Active LTS and Current Node on Ubuntu, macOS, and Windows while bottom versions of @prisma/client are tested only against Current Node on Ubuntu. We do this to keep the CI test matrix reasonable as the number of execute tests could grow many times over.

Patch Version Support Policy

We only support the latest patch version of a minor series. For example imagine that there was a bug when nexus-prisma was integrated with @prisma/client@2.30.1 but not when integrated with @prisma/client@2.30.2. Our policy would be that users should upgrade to the latest 2.30.x version, and that we would not release any no code changes of nexus-prisma.

ESM Support

We are not supporting esm build yet, more info here (opens in a new tab).