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  1. Install dependencies

    npm add nexus-prisma nexus graphql @prisma/client
    npm add --dev prisma

    nexus graphql and @prisma/client are peer dependencies. prisma is for the Prisma CLI which you'll probably want during development.


    If you use nexus@=<1.0 then you must use t.field(<NAME>, <CONFIG>) instead of t.field(<CONFIG>). The Nexus Prisma docs assume the latter form.

  2. Add a nexus-prisma generator block to your Prisma Schema.

  3. Run prisma generate in your terminal.

  4. Import models from nexus-prisma and then pass them to your Nexus type definition and field definition configurations. In this way you will be effectively projecting models from your data layer into GraphQL types in your API layer.


generator client {
  provider = "prisma-client-js"
generator nexusPrisma {
   provider = "nexus-prisma"
/// This is a user!
model User {
  /// This is an id!
  id  String  @id
prisma generate
import { User } from 'nexus-prisma'
import { makeSchema, objectType } from 'nexus'
export const schema = makeSchema({
  types: [
      name: User.$name
      description: User.$description
      definition(t) {
     // t.field(,    <-- For nexus@=<1.0 users